April 16, 2013 at 12:45 pm

Minecraft Party Games

Minecraft Party Games


Having nothing planned for kids to do during a large birthday party is just asking for chaos.  We make sure to always plan age appropriate games for the boyz birthday parties, and this was no different.

I ordered a print your own version of themed Minecraft Bingo from Etsy.  Using white cardstock I printed lots of boards, pieces and the like.  Having an almost teenage son came in handy here.  He was old enough to be in charge of the game, do the calling and reveled in the twinge of authority over the elementary partygoers.

Minecraft Bingo

Bingo of any type is usually a hit, as is a stash of tiny prizes.

Minecraft Bingo

Using that same package of blank white cardstock, I printed lots of Minecraft blocks and characters.

Minecraft Party GameIt only requires time, patience and glue to construct some DIY sets for imaginative play.

Minecraft Party Game

As we were having the party indoors at our local fire hall, there was no place for the perennial party favorite piñata.  Daddy D found this great idea online to take its place.

You wrap candy into a plastic wrap making a ball.  Then using dice (we picked up easy to use foam dice at the dollar store)  we gave the ball to the first player (one of the birthday boyz).  He got to unroll the ball and keep any candy he unrolled until the next player rolled a double with the dice.

Minecraft Party Game

It was a big hit!  We did make sure to reserve some candy in a bowl, as they did unwrap the whole ball before a few of the players got a chance.  So we made a circle and tossed the bowl of candy in with those who hadn’t gotten a turn.

Minecraft Party Game

The last game we played was Pin the tail on the Pig.  Easily done with blue poster board from the dollar store, and some pink construction paper.

Minecraft Party Game

I premade the strips with small squares at home, and then wrote the name with a pen on it at the party.  Adding a small bit of tape we handed it to our players.

Oh yeah, and instead of blindfold we used the Minecraft Steve head I had made for Seth for Halloween.  You can get instructions here.

Minecraft Party GameSome of the kids came back and played three and four times!  And the fact we didn’t have to tie a blindfold each time really kept things moving.

Minecraft Party GameLots and lots of kids enjoyed pinning the tail on the pig!

Minecraft Party Game

So those were some of the easy to do, inexpensive activities we planned for our Minecraft Party.

If you’ve missed yesterday’s post, check out the Minecraft Stenciled Shirts.  Check back tomorrow for the Minecraft Party Favor Boxes!


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  4. HI! Loved your party ideas! I am really wanting to find the Minecraft bingo game but cannot find it ANYWHERE online for downloading. The etsy link in your blog is no longer working. Any ideas???

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  21. This is a great site! For ideas for my sons birthday party, this was a great find and very helpful! God bless you and thanks!

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