April 19, 2013 at 10:26 pm

Our Boston Friends & Family are #BostonStrong


This week has been too much.  Way too much.  Are you with me?  From the bombs in Boston, Ricin in the mail, to the fertilizer plant explosions we are all at our wits end.  Add to that the phone call last night from our school district that a student was arrested after bringing a hand gun to school and I have no nerves left.

I am a born and raised New Yorker.  What many of you may not know is I married a Massachusetts boy.  We met at a Christian camp in the suburbs of Boston.  Our first date was a trip to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market in the sticky humidity of a hot July Saturday afternoon. 

For three years early in our marriage we lived in the suburbs of Boston.  Our eldest son’s first train ride was on the T.  The night Daddy D turned 21 was a memorable evening spent with a group of friends in Harvard Square. 

It is a city that is close to our heart.  More than that, it is an area chock full of people who are close to our hearts.  What the events that have happened in Boston this week have shown us that threads that are the fabric of our friendships weave through everything happening there. 

We watch a news program, an urgent update, a special report, a youtube video.  In every one there are people we hold dear.  At that interfaith prayer service with the President yesterday?  Someone who worked on Daddy D’s maintenance team at the camp.  The voices lifted at the Bruins game singing the national anthem that brought me to tears?  Friends whose wedding we were at, there celebrating their eldest son’s birthday.  The restaurant, The Forum, where one of the bombs detonated outside of?  A friend of Daddy D’s he has known since he was in high school, a fabulously fun woman who I associate with exuberant gatherings and ridiculous party getups.  Thankfully, although standing on the patio when the bomb went off, she is relatively okay.

Our hearts have ached.  For the city that we fell in love in.  For the people that walk its streets.  For the people that we love dearly who will forever be changed.

When September 11th happened we lived in Massachusetts.  I sat watching the images on the television screen in shock and in horror.  My New York under attack.  A New Yorker misplaced in New England.  Daddy D did wonderfully trying to comfort me, but there was no way to truly understand.  Until this week.  The tables turned.  My New England husband sat in our home in New York watching the street of his home state in disbelief.  Unfortunately I understood the feelings all too well.

We may live in New York, but I have Boston lovin boyz.  My second son even has a Fenway Park themed Red Sox bedroom.  At times that can be very rough on the little guys who wear their teams proudly in NY.  On Wednesday we donned our Boston gear in solidarity with the city we love.  All of us in Red Sox and Patriots gear. 

We wanted our friends and family in Massachusetts to know that you will get through this.  That we are so very incredibly proud of you.  You have been wicked awesome through all of this, and we love you.  You are #BostonStrong.

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