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April 22, 2013 at 11:05 pm

Minecraft Party Favor Boxes

Minecraft Party Favor Boxes

Minecraft Party Favor Boxes

When you have a Minecraft themed birthday party, the best way to send everyone home is with a great Minecraft favor box!

Minecraft Party Favor Boxes

First I purchased the Black Gable Treat Boxes. I chose to make the boxes into Enderman.  Using my Cricut I cut a ton of light purple and dark purple one inch squares.  Then I just glued them to the boxes.  Simple Enderman Minecraft favor boxes.

Minecraft Party Favor Boxes

The biggest hit of the favor boxes were the Minecraft Bottle cap Necklaces.  I made these myself, but they were incredibly easy to do.  I ordered ball chain necklaces, bottle cap pendants and Break Apart Bar Hard Candy Mold.

I then purchased images for inside the bottle caps from Etsy.  Print and cut out the images, glue inside the bottle cap, top with an epoxy dome and thread onto a necklace.  All done!

The boyz were so excited that so many of their friends wore them to school on Monday.

Minecraft Bottle Cap Necklace

I included a candy “gold” made using a Break Apart Bar Hard Candy Mold.  Easy to do using Wilton Yellow Candy Melts.  Once cooled, break apart and put in clear party bags.

Minecraft Chocolates

Using Fuse Beads I made Creeper pins.  After fusing the beads I then added just a simple pin back.

Minecraft Fuse Beads

I asked Daddy D about details of the game for some filler items.  We purchased a bunch of Spider Rings and Stretch Skeletons to put in the goody boxes.  Both spiders and skeletons are featured in Minecraft.

Minecraft Party Favor Boxes

We added a bit of general candy to the boxes and they were ready to go!  The boyz and their friends were excited to get all of the Minecraft themed loot!

Minecraft Party Favor Boxes

Check back tomorrow for the final Minecraft party post with the decorations and the party roundup!

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  1. Christina Wiseman says:

    Love the necklaces and would like to make but am not sure of how to attach necklace to bottle cap. Did you punch a hole in the bottle cap? and what are those little things on top of bottle cap called that you thread the chain through? Thanks would love to try and make these for my twins bday party!!

    • You want to purchase bottle caps with the rings already in them. They are called a jump ring. So much easier than trying to put them into the top yourself! There is a handheld punch that can make the holes and then you can purchase jump rings to put in them, but I purchase them already done.

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  3. Hi, loving the necklaces and I am going to have a go at making some for my sons 9th birthday favours. I was just wondering how long was the ball chain you used please?


  4. Sandra Amaya says:

    where did you buy the black boxes ?? thank you

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