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Minecraft Party Decorations

Minecraft Party Decorations


The key to any themed party is to knock the decorations out of the park.  For our party we combined two of the boyz birthdays.  This meant tons and tons of kids and it required a large space.  We rented our local fire hall, which gave us the space we needed but posed a problem decorations wise.  This is how we filled a huge party space with Minecraft themed decorations on the cheap.

For the food table I made a giant dirt and grass block.  It looks impressive and sets the tone of the whole party, but only cost about $10 to make.  My blocks was made using felt.  This can be purchased in large quantities and rather inexpensively at Joann Fabrics or your favorite fabric store.  I used 3 shades of green and five shades of brown.

First I used a quilting square and cut piles of 4” squares.  You could just as easily make larger squares for less work, and even make a square template out of cardboard.  Once I had my leaning tower of felt squares I sewed them together side to side, 20 in a row.  Finally I sewed the finished rows to each other.  Labor intensive?  Yep.  But difficult? No.


The food table itself was easy.  I covered it in a grass tablecloth and arranged it with mostly foods found in the Minecraft game.  Chips were potatoes, carrots, cookies, melons and the like.


The cake was also made to fit with the food table, featuring the grass bottom and the cake that appears in the Minecraft game on top.  More details on the cake can be found here.


I used my handy dandy Cricut to cut lots of 1” eyes and 10” squares to make Enderman that hung from the ceiling throughout the room.  We also had two spiders in different corners of the room, made with a black balloon and black crepe paper streamers.  Two red squares for eyes and you are all set!


We covered the tables in green tablecloths and then separated some crinkled green paper basket filler on top.  Each table got a TNT centerpiece.


I ordered Amazon.com Widgets online, and then filled them with tons of Twizzlers cut in half.  I then just printed TNT images from a Google search and taped them around all four sides of the box.


This idea was ALL Daddy D.  We happened to be in the craft section of Walmart looking for scrapbook paper to make the Enderman hanging decorations.  He saw this purple glittery yarn and had a great idea to make purple sparkly pom poms that mimic the sparkles that show up when the Enderman disappears.


This was our completed room before the madness of the party itself began.


So that was our party!  Be sure to check out the Minecraft Party Games we played…


The Minecraft Stenciled Shirts we wore…


The Minecraft Party Favor Boxes we gave at the end…


And the cake and cupcakes we had…


creeper cupcakes red


Amazon.com Widgets


  1. You did such an amazing job Jennifer! I should have just hired you to do everything for our party lol.

  2. Oh my goodness, my boys are Minecraft fanatics! lol They would absolutely love all of this! I did make Jacob a Minecraft grass block cake for his birthday and am about to write up a post about it in a couple weeks. I’m lovin’ your Creeper and Enderman cupcakes too. So fun! Definitely featuring this in next week’s Inspire Me Wednesday issue.:)

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  4. This is awesome! my soon to be 5 year old just informed me he wants a minecraft birthday party, ive spent a couple hours now just researching ideas, and this gives me so much more to incorporate! thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi – loved your party ideas. Can you tell me what website you ordered the plastic storage container for the TNT cube idea? Thanks!

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  7. Awesome!

  8. Thank you!!! 😀

  9. Wow! This is amazing! Your kids are lucky to have you working so hard!

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