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June 13, 2013 at 2:39 am

Cricut Vinyl Lettering DIY

Cricut Vinyl Lettering DIY

Our town has a very new All American Soap Box Derby.  This was only it’s second year being held in our county.  Seth was driving the Thunder 102 car, the radio station that I participate in the morning show on, but that left me with another driver and no car.  Gabe wanted to drive this year too!

There isn’t much that given enough time I can’t find or do on the internet.  I found this great car, already professionally painted, on Craigslist just under 2 hours away.  Daddy D drove out and picked it up, and even got the seller down to an amazing price.  We ended up paying about a third of what a new car would cost!

That gave us a car, but we were in serious need of some lettering.  I took out my handy dandy Cricut Cuttables Vinyl Transfer Tape machine and set to work.  Here is the car with his name on it, done in the Varsity Letter font using black and white vinyl.

Cricut Vinyl Lettering

As this car was sponsored by the blog, I wanted to make sure it was easy to read and bold.  I chose the Cricut Cuttables Vinyl Transfer Tape in the connected style.  These were cut out of Cricut White Vinyl at 4 1/2 inches.

I used the Cricut Cuttables Vinyl Transfer Tape to line up my lettering and get it ready to go on the car.

Cricut Vinyl Lettering

Then you just place it on the car.  Rub the vinyl letters down to make sure they adhere well…

Cricut Vinyl LetteringAnd then carefully and slowly pull away the transfer tape.  All done!

Cricut Vinyl LetteringThe rubbing on of the letters was so easy, and little Eli was even able to help!

Cricut Vinyl Lettering

I loved how it looked driving by on the track on race day!

Cricut Vinyl Lettering

My Cricut Cuttables Vinyl Transfer Tape is still the most useful, versatile crafting tool I have ever purchased!

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