DIY Treehouse

June 20, 2013 at 2:45 am

Treehouse DIY part 1

We are building a treehouse!  With Daddy D still injured and having surgery soon, we are looking at our very first (and probably last!) summer with all four boyz and both parents home the entire time.

We decided to build something together as a family.  A treehouse was our choice because it will create a special place for our boyz to be brothers.  Something belonging to all four of them equally.  We can’t wait to see what memories they make!

We are using a treehouse plan we found an purchased online, but quite honestly we are disappointed with the plans.  Not the final product (or so we hope), but the details, measurements and instructions are lacking.  For that reason, I am not linking to the plans.  We are experienced DIYers, and we were frustrated.  I would never want someone to have the experience we have had on my recommendation.

So, we have been hard at work.  If you follow me on Instagram, I have been posting regular update photos.  To see the treehouse as it goes up, be sure to follow me there!

Here are pics from our first week of working on the treehouse.  Most of these were taken by Seth and Gabriel, my little bloggers in training!

Rocking my mud boots and putting in lags into the floor joists in between the constant rain showers this week.

DSCN8711My ever present site supervisor…

DSCN8712DSCN8714An excited 9 year old checking on progressDSCN8758

And a very tired and silly momma…


Today we finished the floor decking!  But don’t be fooled, it may look like it’s going quickly but we have tons and tons to do!


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  3. Hi! great treehouse! can you tell me what the dimensions are?

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