DIY Treehouse

August 13, 2013 at 1:30 am

DIY Treehouse–Da Boyz

DIY Treehouse–Da Boyz


One of my favorite parts about working on the treehouse is watching the boyz participate.  From helping choose what the treehouse will look like to helping purchase supplies and load them at Home Depot it has been fun to see them participate.


Here they are carrying the pieces we used to create our own siding on two of the exterior walls.  I think the teen was sleeping.  It seems to happen a lot lately.  Remember all of those super late days sleeping in in your teens?  Good times.


I have been diligently working on the interior of the treehouse since Daddy D’s surgery last month, and am *almost* ready to share some of the finishes inside.  The boyz have had a lot of input on that as well.  They have suggested things like bean bag chairs, a fire pole, electricity, a slide for a quick exit, a TV and a table.


Some of these things are in the works, but many many many of them are not.  Crazy boyz!  But more importantly, I enjoy that they are getting involved and helping to make the treehouse their own.


And they are super cute, even in winter hats mid summer!


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