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September 5, 2013 at 5:32 am

FYI My Sons

My Dearest Boyz,

The internet has been abuzz over a letter a mom wrote and posted on her blog.  She wrote to girls who were friends of her sons online.  She wanted them to know that posting pictures that are suggestive in nature is not okay.  That it is important for her boys to not see those images that might lead them to think about those girls in an inappropriate way.  I wanted to let you know that Dad and I mostly agree with what she is is saying.  But there is so much more I want to say to you on this.


Sons, it is Dad and my job to raise four men of integrity.  That is the end goal, and we try to keep that in mind even now, when so much of what you do centers around things like peewee football practice or band concerts.  Though each of those things are building blocks of what you will finally become, I think about the men you will be daily.

That is why I want you to know that I have very high expectations of you.  You have been taught from a very early age that girls are ladies.  That they are to be treated with gentleness, care and respect.  I have a hope and prayer that those girls who will one day be your wives, that they treat themselves that way too.  Because even now, when they are starting Kindergarten this week like Eli or finishing junior high like Seth, they will be my daughters.  They will be the mothers to my grandbabies.  And I want them, and you, to have the most blessed lives possible.


Which is where you come in, my boyz.  Just as I have a hope that your wives are treating themselves with dignity and respect, I insist that you do the same.  That is why I send you back to your rooms in the morning to put on shorts and a tee shirt instead of lounging about our all male house in your underwear.  And why I monitor all that you put out there into the social media world.

Therefore, be forewarned that any bathroom selfie where your shorts are low slung to show off the definition of your abs in high school will be deleted.  I will continue my crusade to keep your pants at your waist with my adoration of belts.  The door to your bedroom will always be left open when entertaining young ladies at our household.  This is by now means a comprehensive list.  I am sure as technology advances and as you age many a things we have not even dreamed up will become an issue that will need tackling.


So yes, sons, I expect you to keep yourselves accountable to the same standards by which you wish your wives to uphold.  Along the way there will be slips, I know that- I have had many myself.  Dad and I will be here to guide you, and that means that there will absolutely be decisions you will not like.  But in the end, we are not your friends.  We are your parents.  Know that we are doing our job.  Loving you.  Teaching you discipline.  Raising grown men that are proud of who they are and where they have come from.

Remember always that you are loved.



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