Gabriel Nathan

September 13, 2013 at 8:00 pm

We Are Ready For Some (pee wee) Football!

Pee Wee football season has begun.  Gabe and Nate played their first game of the season last Saturday, even before they were officially back to school yet.



For the first time they are playing on different teams.  The same overall team for our town, but Nate is playing with the 2nd/3rd grade team, and Gabe is playing with the 3rd/4th team.


It lends for a mighty confusing hour for mom and dad, as they play on the exact same field at the exact same time.  One playing a 50 yard game headed toward one goal post, the other doing the same thing in the opposite direction.


Our game was at home, and both teams won.  Something they didn’t do at all last season.  Which means Nate gets his very first win in football!


Just like their personalities, Nate and Gabe play entirely different positions on the field.  Gabe is a running back, tight end or a safety.  He is incredibly light on his feet and fast.


Nate only plays on the line.  He specializes and holding off his opponents or taking them down.  He is appropriately named by his coaches as Beast.  It is impressive to watch.


This is our third year as a family in the town program.  The shock and fear have worn off quite a bit for this momma.  I have learned to breathe deeply and wait.  But not without adding rib guards and such to their gear.


Do I still get anxious?  Yep, those are my babies being tackled and pushed around.  But I am incredibly impressed with our coaches and our team who have put in the hours and are learning to play a tough game.


So tomorrow we will leave our house even before the school bus would normally pick up the boyz and head to the next town over for eight am warm ups.  Dressed in red.  Ready to cheer on our boyz, and our team!


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