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September 21, 2013 at 3:14 am

Visiting The Crayola Experience

We received free passes for our family to visit the Crayola Experience as well as a gift card for gas from Crayola.  As always, all opinions expressed and experiences are my own.

Visiting the Crayola Experience

Visiting the Crayola Experience

Over summer vacation we headed to Easton, Pennsylvania for a day trip to the Crayola Experience.  This is the birthplace of Crayola crayons, and the Crayola Experience holds 60,000 square feet of a one of a kind Crayola attraction.

I love how bright and colorful of the entire building is!  This is the ticket counter and entrance.

Visiting the Crayola Experience

After entering the facility the first thing we did was to make our own personalized crayons.  This is Nate creating his one of a kind Nathan Desrochers crayon.

Visiting the Crayola Experience

Also on this floor you can make your own markers, here is Nate with his Yellow/Green/Blue marker he created as well.Visiting the Crayola ExperienceThen we created our own figures with Crayola Modeling Magic.  Here Eli is hard at work on his puppy dog that he and I made together.

Visiting the Crayola Experience

Even the teen, Seth, enjoyed drawing on the iPads.  The image is then added into scenes projected on a huge wall.Visiting the Crayola Experience

Water Works, a large water table featuring lock systems for canals, was a fun learning experience for the little boys.Visiting the Crayola ExperienceOne of the absolute highlights of the day was the simulated factory experience.  Here you watch a combination of scripted interplay of cartoon characters, an actress, and the real life creation of a batch of crayons.   It is fascinating to watch her create crayons before your eyes using overhead cameras.

Visiting the Crayola Experience

Scattered in between some of the larger, more popular attractions are items like this box of crayons play wall.  The mechanics of which fascinated the boys and a slew of other visitors.

Visiting the Crayola ExperienceThe most unique experience at the factory was the third floor.  This floor features attractions centered around the melting of crayons.  You are able to paint with melted crayons onto die cut forms of cars.  Very popular with our guys was the molds where you create your own shaped crayon.  Finally, the spin art you create with two crayons was so personally yours.  I loved it!

Visiting the Crayola ExperienceOur day ended in the gift shop.  We all adored the huge wall of crayons where you can fill a tin with whatever you fancy for a reasonable price.  I found the vintage logo styled tee so adorable.  I also loved the interesting art work inspired by Crayola.

Visiting the Crayola Experience

All in all it was a special day together that created a lot of memories for our family.  Here are some things to keep in mind. All of the tokens you receive at admission are to last through all of the attractions, so don’t spend them all at the first station or be prepared to purchase more.  Also, be sure to bring socks for the large indoor play structure on the second floor.

If you need to take an elevator, be prepared to wait.  There is only one (large) elevator servicing the entire building.  Finally, crowds may make your day a bit more frustrating.  Despite going on a weekday we still came across a lot of guests, lines and families in meltdown mode.  Although this was during summer vacation.  We found we enjoyed the last hour before closing, when the crowds had thinned significantly, the most.

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  1. Sounds like a destination on a vacation for 3yr. to 100 yr. olds.
    -Hope to be able to visit someday after reading your article.

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