DIY Treehouse

September 24, 2013 at 7:57 pm

DIY Treehouse Part #5

DIY Treehouse Part #5DIY Treehouse

Somehow the summer got away from me and it’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a treehouse update!  Rest assured that even though I haven’t been writing about it, I have been working on it.  The most noticeable update is the addition of windows!  Six utility windows to be exact.  Which makes for a lot off of Momma D’s mind.  I had great fears of kids accidentally falling through the window openings. 

DIY Treehouse

One of the other visible changes was the painting of two of the sides of the treehouse to match our house.  I love how it accentuates the differences between the two types of siding and textures.  Daddy D, who is finally sans cast or boot post surgery, added a pulley system and bucket as well.

DIY TreehouseAbout two weeks ago we added the door, as well as a latch with padlock to deter unwanted visitors.

DIY Treehouse

Finally, this past week we added the metal roofing to the top of the treehouse.  This covered the exterior rafters and tarpapered roof underneath.

DIY Treehouse

So we are at the end of September and have just trim work to do on the exterior.  I’ve also been hard at work on the inside, but since the boyz started school two weeks ago we have focused on buttoning up the outside as the weather continues to cool.  Stay tuned!

DIY Treehouse


  1. I love how your tree house looks, and would love to build one like it!! But I don’t know if I can, cost wise. Can you tell me how much supplies cost? Thanks!!!!

  2. Do you by chance have a supplies list or any plans? This is exactly what we are looking for.

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