October 23, 2013 at 1:35 pm

NickMom.com, Where are the Flip Flops? #MotherFunny

NickMom.com, Where are the Flip Flops? #MotherFunny

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I love this cartoon on NickMom.com that is all about what your shoes really say about you.



Although, as a mom of four boys who are constantly on the go, my go-to shoes aren’t even on there.  Seriously, can I get a shout out for the flip flops?

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I mean I rock them all the way to the first snow fall and then they are the first ones out of the closet as soon as the little shoots of grass start coming up in the spring.  But after checking out that cartoon, I started thinking- what does my go-to shoe choice really say about me?  So here it is, my no holds barred look at my own footwear.

My flips flops say I am exhausted.  Bone tired after a decade and a half of not sleeping soundly, as apparently only moms get the gene that makes it that when their offspring fuss, pee on the bed, puke all over the hallways floor or just wake up for yet another unidentified reason that we actually hear them.

Excuse me when I stumble downstairs in the morning and negotiate breakfast for four sons who all seem to want the same box of cereal with only half a bowl left in it, despite the four different other options in the pantry.  Then wrangling them all out of the kitchen, through the teeth brushing, finding of the eyeglasses, grabbing the backpacks, finding the jackets strewn about the house and finally sending them out the door and onto the big yellow bus that stops at the end of the driveway.

With a sigh of relief, I close the front door only to have the realization that it is Tuesday.  And Tuesday is trumpet lessons.  The trumpet that is sitting in the corner of the mudroom still as it’s owner has just went for a jaunt down the road in that lovely means of school transportation.

So it is off to find my faithful flip flops.  But I truly believe they take pleasure in their thinness as I can never seem to find a matching pair.  Hands searching under the living room couch find the hidden discarded oatmeal cookie wrapper, a handful of nerf darts but no flip flops.

I check the mudroom and the pile of shoes by the front door, the kitchen under the table and even upstairs by my bed.  But another round through my living room and a toe stuffed under the edge of the coffee table and my footwear has been located.

Off I go, out the door to the school with a slab of foam on my feet, masquerading as shoes.  Just barely better than a piece of cardboard.  You know that anything heftier than common driveway gravel will be felt through that colored little $1.99 special, but hey-you found a matching pair.

Everything is just dandy, until you walk through the door of the elementary school, trumpet in hand, and you look down beneath the cuff of your jeans to see that your beloved flip flops give you no protection from critical eyes that gaze at the splattered remnants of yesterdays arts and crafts painting project with the kids.  Because we all know, momma hasn’t showered yet.

But I have shoes on.  Two pieces of colorful foam with a wimpy glorified rubber band “Y” stretching between those dirty toes.  And I go home to a quiet house where I have every intention of taking a shower but instead fall into bed in the hopes that maybe when I wake up the day will have a fresh start.

If my shoes could talk…

Have you checked out the Nickelodeon website NickMom.com?  I love that it is #motherfunny, what I consider mom humor that speaks to me.  Or check them out on Facebook and Facebook!


photo by Nane Dallion and used by permission.

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  1. I’m a flip flop girl too. I pretty much never wear anything else. This year I sprung for a $55 pair of rainbows and those suckers are amazing! my puppy tried to chew them up, and they didn’t even get a bite mark on them! Best $55 shoes I’ve ever purchased. Spend $55 on a pair of high heels or boots? FORGET THAT! $55 on flops? Sure thing, baby!


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