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Easy Kid Present

Easy Kid Present


The holidays are upon us, and we are right in the middle of trying to figure out presents for our family.  How about you?  I love that my youngest has my crafty gene and always wants to make a project, so I thought why not put that to good use?  In our family we have six grandparents.  Yep, six.  So I headed to my local dollar store for ideas and found these pot holders…


Eli and I set to work creating a unique, special gift for all three sets of grandparents.  Using soft fabric paint I poured some onto a paper plate.  This is my favorite method of doing messy stuff, because when you are all done it can go right in the trash.  Easy cleanup!  I also got out a nice big, soft paintbrush.

IMG_0762Here is my eager artist…IMG_0764

Place your fabric paint onto the plate, and using the brush spread it around.  Then have your child place their hand in the paint and move it around for a few seconds. Lifting their hand up, turn it over and using your brush apply paint to the missing spots.  Place the hand down.  We count to three and then I individually press each finger down as we count to five together.  In one swift movement have the child pull up while you hold the object down.  That is how we do a hand print without oops!

2013-12-04Here is our finished product.  We let it dry for a little while before moving on to the next step.


Here are all four of our items.  One mitt for two sets of grandparents, and a pair of potholders for the third.  We chose to do some in different colors, as they need not be holiday themed.  Eli liked making one with a purple theme for his purple loving Grandma.

We also took into account that they will be used to take things out of the oven.  So we did it on the outside of the most likely users dominant hand, in hopes of preserving the handprint long term.


Then we set to work writing our message.  As Eli is only five, I wrote out the majority of it in fabric paint and then he signed his name.  It is a bit difficult for him to squeeze and write at the same time at that age.  But the older boyz would be able to do it themselves.

Eli is in Kindergarten and loves The Kissing Hand book, so he asked to add a heart to each palm too.


Here he is proud of his work!

IMG_0788These are all of them ready for the final embellishments.


Using Liquid Stitch I then applied rick rack to the edges.  Follow your particular products directions, mine called for pressing with a hot iron.


And all done!  Again, older kids might be able to help or accomplish this step on their own.  But because of Eli’s age I did apply the rick rack myself.

He is very proud of his presents, and we think they came out adorable.  I also love that this can be a year round item, and not necessarily holiday themed.  Because in the end, how many ornaments can we all really use?


This project cost less than $5 a piece and I am sure the grandparents will love them!  If you try it, share it a picture or link with us!


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  3. such a cute idea! we’ll be doing this with my preschoolers for Mother’s Day gifts. thanks for sharing!

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  5. Hi. I loved this idea so much that I did some for my son’s grandmother’s.
    My question though is…we used all purpose acrylic paint. I know no matter
    What they can’t wash the mitts but will my paint chip off or something?
    I contimplated spraying the hand print with midge podge but then feared
    It might be dangerous if close to an open oven.

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