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December 9, 2013 at 8:25 pm

FluNada Cold & Flu Relief at Duane Reade

FluNada Cold & Flu Relief at Duane Reade #DRHealth

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FluNada Cold Flu Relief, #DRHealth #shop #cbias

I hate being sick, and it seems to happen much too frequently during the winter months to me.  Probably because I now have four kids in school, which means a seemingly infinite number of germs are coming home daily.  I’ve been looking for ways to stay healthy, and I came across FluNada.  I headed to Duane Reade to pick up the product.

It took a bit of searching, but I found it in the cough and cold section of one of my favorite Duane Reade locations.

FluNada Cold Flu Relief, #DRHealth #shop #cbias

See it there, on the top shelf?

FluNada Cold Flu Relief, #DRHealth #shop #cbias

At home I took out the FluNada product.  Don’t let the bottle fool you, this is product is used by first spraying it into the back of your throat three times.  Then you use it as a nasal spray, once in east nostril.

FluNada Cold Flu Relief, #DRHealth #shop #cbias

I began using the product as a proactive treatment about two weeks ago.  Truth be told, I sometimes would forget.  So I wasn’t all that surprised when I came down with cold symptoms last week.  Which, of course, made me diligent about my FluNada usage.

In less than eighteen hours  I went from full on cold symptoms; sore throat, loss of voice, nasal congestion, and cough, to talking and continuing my day normally.  My husband was absolutely floored that I was vastly improved by the next morning.  Personally,  I felt immediate relief from some of the most annoying symptoms.  You could quite literally feel this natural remedy working.

FluNada is a homeopathic, zinc free product safe for use in adults and children over four.  My personal experience was so remarkable that FluNada has earned a place on the shelf in my home’s medicine cabinet!

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  1. I love that even when you forgot to take FluNada, you got right back on schedule and got rid of those cold symptoms in record time. So cool! #client

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