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December 11, 2013 at 4:03 am

Holiday Mantle 2013

Holiday Mantle 2013

Holiday Mantle 2013

This is my holiday mantle for this Christmas.  This year I focused on Christmas ornaments.  Lots and lots of ornaments.

Holiday Mantle 2013

Most of the ornaments came from my local dollar store and Walmart.  I tend to buy large containers of sparkly ornaments on clearance after the holidays.  This seemed to put them to good use!

The two ombre glass features, the owl and the pinecone, came from Home Goods and totaled about $12.

Holiday Mantle 2013The large ornaments hung on satin ribbon at varying lengths are shatterproof from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot.Holiday Mantle 2013I kind of love them, and have another six that I hang in my front windows.

Holiday Mantle 2013The center of the display features a mercury glass tree I got also on clearance after Christmas two years ago at Target.  I paid 89 cents on 90% off.  I used four vintage blue mason jars on the sides.

Holiday Mantle 2013And then I anchored each side with large apothecary glass jars filled with ornaments.

Holiday Mantle 2013I change a lot of the elements of my mantle each year, but I do keep the color scheme consistent.  It matches the living room décor, you can see the coordinating window treatments in the background below.  It also makes the items interchangeable from year to year and throughout the room. 

Holiday Mantle 2013

The final aspect of the mantle décor is a strand of led Christmas lights with shreds of matching fabric tied around it.  I like the extra soft glow it adds and it also sets off the glitter and sparkles throughout!

You can check out the 2011 mantle with more natural elements like pinecones here.

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