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Kid’s Christmas Tree 2013

Kid’s Christmas Tree 2013Kid’s Christmas Tree 2013

This year the D household is sporting three Christmas trees.  Today I am featuring our kid’s tree.  This tree is located in our family room, and except for the garland and finishing touches, it is all done by our kiddos.

Having a kid’s tree dates back in our family to about 2005.  When Seth started school and brought home tons of handmade ornaments, and we had added Gabriel to our family and Nathan was well on his way to joining us that coming February. 

In true Momma D fashion, I went all out.  If we were going to do a kid’s tree I wanted it to scream “Children”.  The first tree was green and featured red garland, bubble lights and sequin sprays.  Today the tree is white, and still sports bubble lights-a tradition I adopted from my Aunt Diane’s tree. 

Kid’s Christmas Tree 2013It also sports all of the kid’s ornaments they have picked over the years.  This is one of Nathan’s faves- a sparkly nutcracker with springy arms.

Kid’s Christmas Tree 2013

Of course there are tons and tons of handmade ornaments.  This is from Seth’s Kindergarten year and has a snowman family made from his handprint.  Even in eighth grade he still awws over it, and so do I!

 Kid’s Christmas Tree 2013

There are also many a ornament that date back to my own childhood.  This one is of wooden bunkbeds, with a girl on the top.  It was from the year I got to move to the top bunk and is labeled “Jennifer 1983”.

Kid’s Christmas Tree 2013The tree also has lots of sequin sprays thrown in and sprinkled throughout.  I find it gives the tree dimension and a touch of Seuss type whimsy.

Kid’s Christmas Tree 2013

The kids love their tree, and even put outdoor penguin and snowman characters inside next to it this year.  But that is the whole point, it is their tree to do with as they please!

Kid’s Christmas Tree 2013

This year we also have a tree in the kitchen you can see here.  Or check out our trees of years past here.

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