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December 18, 2013 at 9:01 pm

#ad Tyson #TastyTenders Brainy Smurf Experiment

#ad Tyson #TastyTenders Brainy Smurf Experiment

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#Ad Tyson #TastyTenders Brainy Smurf Experiment #cbias

The Smurfs 2 movie just came out for purchase, and my boyz wanted to see it!  With a week of tons and tons of snow and a bunch of snow days we decided to do a family movie night.  I headed to Walmart, where they have the Smurfs 2 Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack from Sony, and to pick up dinner for our night in.

I found the new Tyson Batter Dipped Chicken Tenders in my Walmart’s frozen food section.  Not in the glass door cases that I had assumed, but in the large open freezers in the meat section.

IMG_1349Since we were going to watch Smurfs 2, I decided why not make it a fun themed dinner?  Brainy Smurf has always been one of my favorites, so inspired by him I decided to do a Tyson #TastyTenders experiment for dinner.

I set up the table with eight different condiments for dipping.  I was sure to make myself a cheat sheet, and then labeled them all 1 through 8 before taking away the bottles.  They were Sweet Chili sauce, mayonnaise, ranch dressing, ketchup, horseradish sauce, honey mustard, tartar sauce and honey.

#Ad Tyson #TastyTenders Brainy Smurf Experiment #cbiasBrainy Smurf and I decided it was time to start the experimental Tyson Tenders dinner!

#Ad Tyson #TastyTenders Brainy Smurf Experiment #cbiasI challenged everyone to make their own combination, and of course keep good records!  We made simple “math” problems, the number of your first sauce + the number of your second sauce = and then you put a (+) if you liked it and a (-) if you didn’t.  They took their experimentation very seriously!

#Ad Tyson #TastyTenders Brainy Smurf Experiment #cbias

In a matter of minutes they were talking to each other, comparing notes and giving recommendations.  I have never had such an easy dinner with all five of my guys!  Not only did they eat all of their food in no time without a single complaint, they even tried all new things they never would have touched had the bottles been out.

Daddy D even got in on the experiment.  His award winning favorite was Sweet Chili and Horseradish.

#Ad Tyson #TastyTenders Brainy Smurf Experiment #cbias

Seth though Sweet Chili and Honey was “to die for”.  Gabriel hated Ketchup and Mayo.  Eli wasn’t a fan of Honey and horseradish.  Nate loved Sweet Chili plus mayo plus ranch.  But best for mom was that they all ate the Tyson Batter Dipped Chicken Tenders and there were none left! 

#Ad Tyson #TastyTenders Brainy Smurf Experiment #cbias

A successful experiment I think Brainy Smurf would approve of!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this whole idea! Your boys look so cute studying their sauce equations! Way to go, getting them to all enjoy a meal–complaint free! 😉 #client

  2. What a fun idea! My kids would have a BLAST with this! #client

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