January 9, 2014 at 3:13 am

2014 Goal- The Finish Line


With the new year a week old, I have finally come up with a plan on how I am going to focus my energy!  I have decided to make 2014 the year of the finish!  We have owned this house for just over three years, and we have accomplished quite a bit of DIY in that time.  That being said, I have a friend who says their house is a 90% house.   Meaning that once a project gets 90% done their minds think of it as finished and move on to the next thing.  This so happens in our house!

In order to give my brain a little bit more piece of mind, I’ve decided to finish the little things that are almost done in the rooms we’ve pretty much tackled already.  No more trying to remember a list of bits and pieces that I need to get to.

I spent some time this afternoon going through each of the rooms I want to tackle and making a list.  Some of the tasks will literally take a few minutes, like replacing the lighting fixture globe in the downstairs bathroom.


Others are a bit more complicated, like beefing up the mantle in our living room and covering the brick with tile.


So here it is, my “Finish Line” list of 2014~

Living Room-

TV cord coverage

Refinish end tables and coffee table

Beef up Mantle

Tile the brick hearth


Finish painting trim

Replace windows

Downstairs Bathroom

Finish Paint

Finish stripping and staining door

Mount cabinet on wall

Replace lighting fixture globe


Touch up moldings

Finish two shades

Refinish Table & chairs

Downstairs Foyer

Refinish Dresser

Install Window art

Purchase and install clock

Master Bedroom

Finish paint

Closet baseboards

Laundry Room


Window molding

Finish ceiling painting

Install door

Install shelves

Put printable in frame

Hang Wreath

Make Valance

Seth’s Room

Paint Desk

Install a bulletin board

Gabe’s Room

Pesky Pole Project

Paint Touch Up

Finish Bed Frame Redo

Closet to locker project

Refinish bookshelf

Purchase and Install Wall Art

Paint Window moldings


New Bedding

Little Boyz Room

Touch Up Paint

Dresser Knobs

Redo Door


Do you have a project or two you need to finish?

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