January 29, 2014 at 7:45 pm

Tracing Your Seed Dollar, Where Are Your Seeds From?

Tracing Your Seed Dollar, Where Are Your Seeds From?

No compensation, monetary or product wise, was received for this post.  It is entirely written from my own viewpoint and experiences.

Hudson Valley Seed Library, Momma D and Da Boyz

I recently wrote and article for Green Door Magazine about a local place called the Hudson Valley Seed Library.  To do the interview for the piece, Daddy D and I traveled to the seed farm.  In the process we learned so much about seeds and the local food movement.  I encourage you to read the full piece here.

The biggest thing that stuck out to both of us was that although we have a good size home garden that yielded quite a bit of fresh vegetables for us last year, we were using commercial company seeds.  I couldn’t believe that I really hadn’t thought about that before.  Whether hybrids, organic or heirloom, I was purchasing seeds from growers that I didn’t know where they had originated.  Was my money going to Monsanto? DuPont?  I couldn’t say.

Another consideration was that this was a local place.  Varieties grown here in the northeast will, well, grow in the northeast.  Makes sense, right?  I was purchasing seeds grown and harvested in an entire different zone.  These seeds would work for me, right here.

So when the gardening itch began to hit a few weeks back, the decision was easy.  Daddy D and I poured over the online catalog choosing varieties for our garden this year.  Did we spend a little more money?  Yes.  We put our seed dollar where our mouth is.  But we are excited to take that local food movement to another level.  The food we grow for our family and eat together will come from local, sustainably grown seeds raised right here in the Hudson Valley.

I have never been as excited to get a package of seeds in my life!  They arrived today and I am counting the weeks until I can start some of the varieties indoors.

Hudson Valley Seed Library, Momma D and Da Boyz

I encourage you all to ask this year, where are my seeds from?  Where is my seed money going?

If you would like to try our local seed source, check them out at

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  1. Momma D, Thank you for posting this! What a wonderful reminder.
    I’ve been thinking of planting a garden and this will be a wonderful resource to start our garden from the right source.

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