February 10, 2014 at 11:52 pm

Classic Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Classic Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

minnie mouse

My youngest niece turned three, and she called and asked me to make her a Minnie Mouse cake.


She had seen the cake I had done for a friend, and wanted one like it.  the main difference being that she wanted the classic red, white and black color scheme.


You can read all about how I made this design in the original post here.


The part that made this cake easier than the previous version was that I was able to use all Wilton fondant colors.  My least favorite colors to tint in fondant are red and black, and a little over a year ago Wilton added those colors to their pre-made line.


It was just a matter of buying two packages of white rolled fondant and one each of black and red.  Then it was a lot like playing with clay!


My little Minnie Mouse fan made it all worth it!


Photo courtesy of Katie Babicz.

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  1. Eva Greenberg says:

    You always make the most awesome cakes!!

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