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March 12, 2014 at 1:37 am

New Nerf for 2014

New Nerf for 2014

I attended the Hasbro Blogger Party at Toy Fair 2014 where I received a swag bag.  No other compensation was received for this post.

IMG_9850Last month I headed to the Hasbro Toy Fair Blogger Party to check out their products coming out this year.  In this all boy household, one of the absolute favorite toy lines is NERF.  I was excited to see all that was new for the upcoming year and share it with my guys (and you)!

First up is the NERF Super Soaker line, celebrating 20 years.  In a nod to the first Super Soakers I remember seeing, they are debuting a retro themed color scheme on a decidedly current line of water guns sure to be a big hit on my lawn this summer.

NERF Super Soaker 2014

Have you been won over by the N-Strike MEGA series?  Gabriel is the proud owner of the Mega Centurion and he can’t wait to add more to his collection.  He is excited to get the smaller, handheld Mega Magnus in stores now for when the bulk of the Centurion is too much.  But I am so very excited about the NERF Mega Thunderbow pictured below.  It is so awesome and the bow action is incredible!

NERF Mega Thunderbow

The NERF N-Strike Elite line is a staple in our household.  This line is the blasters of choice for Seth and Gabe for large scale battles, especially with the easily interchangeable clips.

NERF N-Strike Elite 2014

What is most exciting about this line is the introduction of the NERF Cam ECS-12 Blaster this fall.  Although there have been aftermarket options for adding video to NERF play, this is the first integrated camera into a blaster.  Why does this excite me?  Because I have been none to fond of my boyz running through the woods with their $200+  idevices strapped to their guns.  This is sure to add to their play without making me a nervous wreck, but with a price point of around $75 it will be an investment.

NERF Cam ECS-12 Blaster

Adding to the prolific use of Zombie Apocalypse references in pop culture, NERF introduced the Zombie Strike line recently.  My teen has jumped on the bandwagon and was happy to see the expanded products coming soon, as is Nate, my eight year old.

NERF Zombie Strike

Finally, this product is eagerly anticipated in the D household.  It looks like so much fun, and I can imagine it shall add quite a bit to our inside NERF Wars.  Check out the NERF Combat Creatures Attacknid.

NERF Combat Creatures Attacknid

So much fun to be had in the world of NERF in 2014.  What product are you most excited about?


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  1. I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can buy some of those Nerf Super Soakers!

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