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April 23, 2014 at 5:13 pm

Da Boyz, Easter 2014

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Da Boyz, Easter 2014

Here are our annual Easter Sunday photos!  Every year we take photos on the front lawn, so without further ado, my boyz on Easter 2014.

Seth, Age 13 (for one more week)

Da Boyz, Easter 2014Eli, Age 5Da Boyz, Easter 2014Gabriel, Age 10Da Boyz, Easter 2014Nathan, Age 8Da Boyz, Easter 2014

All of my guys in their Sunday best.

Da Boyz, Easter 2014Momma and her boyz

Da Boyz, Easter 2014Silly face picture, this year fishy face because we got fish for the fish tank the day before.

Da Boyz, Easter 2014And then kisses for momma.

Da Boyz, Easter 2014Family picture, with an upset Eli because he wasn’t allowed to bring his huge new orange ball into it.

Da Boyz, Easter 2014Silly picture, Easter 2014 complete with noogies and tickles. We are big on those around here.

Da Boyz, Easter 2014

Hope that you had a blessed Easter this year!

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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