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May 8, 2014 at 2:08 am

Easy Initial Centerpieces

Easy Initial CenterpiecesEasy Initial CenterpiecesMy brother got married last month!  Because of my crafting hobby, I was asked to make the centerpieces.  It was a modest event with just close friends and family, and they were looking to keep things simple.

After some Googling, and Pinterest browsing, my soon to be sister-in-law and I agreed on making these initial centerpieces.  They are super easy to do and cost about $5 a piece to make!

Easy Initial Centerpieces

The supplies needed were papier-mâché letters, an accent flower and tulle for the body of the centerpieces.  I used hot glue to attach the items together.  I ordered the letters in bulk from my favorite craft store online, as they only stock a handful of each letter in the store.

First I wrapped the letter in tulle one way, securing periodically with hot glue.

 Easy Initial CenterpiecesThen I proceeded to do it again in the opposite direction, again with hot glue as needed.

Easy Initial Centerpieces

Take that glue gun again and attach your flower!  I added a bit of glitter just sprinkled on, as these were the second half of the letters.  The wedding colors were navy and silver, and the silver tulle I ordered online came and it was glittery!  So the navy ones needed a bit as well so as to not be outdone.

Easy Initial CenterpiecesTo make the bases I cut scrap 1 x 6 boards and cut 5” blocks.  Then I spray painted them all silver.  Add just a bit more of that magical hot glue and you are all set!

Easy Initial CenterpiecesHere are both versions I did.  I love how simple they were to make, and how fun for the newlyweds to see in the center of each table.

Easy Initial Centerpieces

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