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May 15, 2014 at 4:01 am

An Evening With Alpine Lace & Kristi Yamaguchi

An Evening With Alpine Lace & Kristi Yamaguchi

This is a sponsored post.  Compensation was received in return for this post.  As always, all experiences and views expressed are my own.

Alpine Lace, Kristi Yamaguchi, #LifeIngredientsLast week I got to attend an event at little owl the venue in New York City sponsored by Alpine Lace.  It was an evening talking about balance and life ingredients with Kristi Yamaguchi.  Yep, that’s me and one of my favorite figure skaters!

Alpine Lace, Kristi Yamaguchi, #LifeIngredientsAfter Kristi kicked off the evening telling us about her life ingredients that create balance for her, we started with talking about what works for you.  Here is my #LifeIngredients that we talked about (who knew Kristi Yamaguchi was into cake decorating?).Alpine Lace, Kristi Yamaguchi, #LifeIngredientsThen we moved on to learning all about different pairings, some really unexpected, using the Alpine Lace Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese.  Remember how I made these snacks a few weeks back using the Alpine Lace for my family?  Here I got to try even more flavor combinations!

Alpine Lace, Kristi Yamaguchi, #LifeIngredientsSo many fun options!  The most surprising to me was how fabulous the Alpine Lace and dark chocolate were together.  Right?  Who knew?Alpine Lace, Kristi Yamaguchi, #LifeIngredientsFinally we tried one of Kristi’s favorite Life Ingredients, dancing.  Two professionals taught us how to Samba.

Alpine Lace, Kristi Yamaguchi, #LifeIngredientsIt was so much fun!  Like serious fun!

Alpine Lace, Kristi Yamaguchi, #LifeIngredientsI even graduated to throwing in some spins and twists!  Check out Kristi Yamaguchi watching me dance.

Alpine Lace, Kristi Yamaguchi, #LifeIngredientsIt was a great night!  Thanks to Alpine Lace for helping me expand my #LifeIngredients list!

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