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June 19, 2014 at 2:16 am

Star Spangled Flip Flop Wreath

Star Spangled Flip Flop Wreath

Star Spangled Flip Flop WreathI was perusing my local dollar store the other day and found these awesome stars and stripes flip flops!  I decided they were begging to be made into another flip flop wreath! 

Star Spangled Flip Flop Wreath

I purchased sunglasses, flowers, and five pairs of flip flops from my dollar store and headed home.  After reading my own tutorial here of how I did my summer fun flip flop wreath, I realized I only needed four pairs!  First I laid out all of the right flip flops and glued them onto a square piece of scrap wood.

Star Spangled Flip Flop WreathThen I added the lefts on top.  Super easy!

Star Spangled Flip Flop WreathAfter hot gluing on the sunglasses and the flowers, and adding a ribbon tab to the back, it was ready for the front door.

Star Spangled Flip Flop WreathI love the fun star shaped glasses too!  And the red poppies remind me of the ones my grandpop used to have handmade from the veterans.

Star Spangled Flip Flop WreathSuch a fun take on one of my all time favorite wreaths that I have made.

Star Spangled Flip Flop WreathNot bad for $6, is it?

Star Spangled Flip Flop Wreath


  1. Love your wreaths…….Now I just want to run out and buy the supplies and make on….Thanks

  2. Hi — love the wreath! Which dollar store did you shop at? Thanks!


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  4. What size square of wood did you use? I want to make a wreath this weekend for Memorial Day! Love the idea!

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  7. Oh my goodness! Now I need to run to our dollar store and see if I can find these! I am a flip flop fanatic. So cute. :)

  8. really clever!

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  10. we put on wooden board and glued and stapled to the board….held up much better

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