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July 3, 2014 at 4:55 am

CBK Adventures–A Family Review

As guest of CBK Adventures we received all of our activities without charge for the purposes of this review.  All opinions and experiences expressed are our own.


When we headed to Camelback Mountain for our family press visit we also had a chance to experience CBK Adventures.  After a fun time at Camelbeach the day before, we were excited to see what CBK Adventures had to offer!

Nathan suited up to try out the Explorer Course.  CBK Adventures, Camelback AdventuresFor ages six to ten, it is a scaled down version great for your little explorer.  There are height requirements, so be sure to check out all of the info here.

CBK Adventures, Camelback Adventures

Nate learned all about safety, how to clip and unclip his carbineers and even negotiated bridges, swings and wobbly logs.  Adult supervision is required for each student.  Daddy D accompanied Nate on his adventure.

CBK Adventures, Camelback AdventuresHe even got a chance to go ziplining for the first time on a small version at the end of the course.  He walked away confident and excited about all he had learned.

CBK Adventures, Camelback Adventures

Gabriel and I opted for the full Treetop Adventure Course.  This was us at the beginning of our journey.

CBK Adventures, Camelback Adventures

And it was just that, a journey!  The Treetop Adventure course has over 100 obstacles spread throughout five courses.  It takes several hours to complete.

CBK Adventures, Camelback Adventures

I have ziplined before.  I have done rock climbing walls and lots of other things.  This was incredibly challenging!  Gabriel did well, but at ten years old and very athletic he completed it, but was probably the youngest person we saw throughout the day.

The course includes everything from rope bridges to zip lines to a crazy swinging telephone pole obstacle.  Here is Gabe zipping at the end of the course



I came away bruised and was very, very sore the next day.  But it was definitely an unforgettable experience and I was happy to share it with my son.  Besides, the scenery was amazing.  Check out Gabe walking across a bridge suspended over a creek.


CBK Adventures, Camelback Adventures

Daddy D had never ziplined before.  This was Father’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than to throw yourself off of the side of a mountain?  Seth, a zipping veteran, volunteered to go with him.

CBK Adventures, Camelback Adventures

They did the 4000 foot Tandem Zip Flyers from the top of the mountain down.  It has amazing scenery and they both had a tremendous time.  The 4,000 feet zip line was the longest I’ve seen and they both really enjoyed the time it took to fly down and really take it all in.

CBK Adventures, Camelback Adventures

Next in this series from Camelback Mountain I’ll share with you some of the special activities we opted for, like the mountain coaster and free fall jump!

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