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July 29, 2014 at 4:12 am

Chateau Resort & Desaki Restaurant Review

Chateau Resort & Desaki Restaurant Review

We were guests of Camelbeach and as such our visit was provided for purposes of this view.  We received lodging and meals as part of the experience. As always, all opinions and views expressed are solely my own.

Last month when my family and I went to Camelbeach, we were able to stay at their lodging partner, the Desaki Restaurant 


Photo from The Chateau

When staying at the Chateau, you cannot beat the proximity to Camelbeach.  Located right less than two minutes away, you can actually see the mountain from the balcony.

photoWe were treated to two types of rooms, on being the room with the king sized bed for Daddy D and I.

photo 2The other had two beds that the boyz shared.  We enjoyed that the rooms were adjoining, so we were able to go back and forth without bothering the guests around us by using the doors and hallway. 

photo 3For dinner we went to Desaki Restaurant.  Located just a short drive away from both the Chateau and Camelbeach, it is a fabulous Japanese restaurant experience.

Desaki RestaurantWe tried some of the incredibly fresh sushi prepared right at the restaurant.

Desaki RestaurantEven Nate tried sushi for the first time, complete with chopsticks.

Desaki RestaurantThis is an amazingly family friendly experience, and you could tell that our kids felt comfortable and relaxed enough to try new things together.

Desaki RestaurantAfter the sushi, there was lots of fire as we watched the hibachi chef, Mickey, create an amazing meal before our eyes.Desaki RestaurantHe was also a great entertainer, learning the kids names, tossing them food to catch in their mouths and making lots of kid friendly jokes.

Desaki RestaurantThe portions were incredibly generous and the food was delicious.  Daddy D was absolutely amazed at the size of the scallops!

Desaki Restaurant

Overall it was an incredible family dining experience for us all!  The boyz can’t stop talking about going back.

Desaki Restaurant

Thank you to both the Chateau and Desaki for having us as their guests and making our stay incredible!

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