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September 22, 2014 at 1:29 pm

Fall Tshirt Pom Poms

Fall Tshirt Pom Poms


So very long ago, back in the beginning when Pinterest first grabbed hold of me and dragged me into it’s beautiful abyss, I came across a fabulous tutorial on T-shirt Pom Poms and an alternative to a wreath. Seriously, go read the how to here.

But as it is now fall, I was looking for something to make my front door welcoming. A trip to my favorite craft resource, the local dollar store, left me with three tshirts in autumnal colors for a measly $3 total! Not bad.

After following the above tutorial, I made all of the pom poms and accompanying bow. Using my handy dandy craft store 40% off coupons, I managed to get the gilded and aged frame for under $10, making my front door wreath alternative come in for under $15!

Tshirt Pom PomsI love the pop it adds to the door, and we have gotten lots of compliments. I did end up adding two magnets to the bottom corners of the frame. Our front door is metal, and this keeps the frame from banging against the door when it opens and closes.

Tshirt Pom PomsI love the colors and especially love the texture!

Tshirt Pom Poms

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  1. I love your door “wreath” The pom poms are so cute and I love that you can change up the colors and do this for any holiday!

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