The Memories of Music…

So I added this playlist thing-a-ma-bobber to my page. And it was fun and retrospective at the same time. I was waiting for John to come home from softball practice tonight, and the house was hushed with the quiet calm that comes like a heavy exhale of breathe once the […]

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Recouping, a food fight and a hooo-man

Thankfully things have calmed down a bit here at Maison Desrochers. Gabe has recovered well from his lip incident and we are counting the days until friday, November 3rd when Seth’s cast will come off. Seth couldn’t stop smiling when the doctor told him just two more weeks. All the […]

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0 commentsOctober 24, 2006 at 8:52 pmGabriel jennifer John Nathan Seth

The man in uniform and the cool independent kid…

So it is official. John is permanent at the Post Office. And with that came his uniform allowance. So after a stress filled evening of list making, catalog pricing and website comparisons John ordered his official Post Office gear. And last week he woke me at 4:45 am to take […]

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0 commentsSeptember 27, 2006 at 9:38 pmJohn Seth

The PO Promo, Boys R Us Mommy Group & Buzz Buzz

So life at Maison Desrochers is about to take a drastic swing. John has gotten a promotion at the post office and is headed to work at the Poughkeepsie city office. There are so many pros and cons to list, but in the end the pros outweigh the cons and […]

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0 commentsMay 26, 2006 at 9:18 pmGabriel John Nathan Seth