TBall, Swing Sets & Baby Pics…

So Seth had his first Tball game on Saturday. My son is on the Phillies, which makes Poppy’s year. He is number 1, primarily because he wears the jersey intended for the coach. They ran out of jerseys, there were three left-two smalls and a mens large and two little […]

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My Mean Girls Moment

So I took Seth and his best friend Jeremy to a birthday party today. Another boy in their class turned six this week too. And I had a moment that absolutely made my heart sink. While talking to the birthday boy’s mother I asked her if she was from the […]

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Seth and His Many Projects…

Seth’s spring break is coming to a close, which brings both good and bad. Usually we only get to see tired Seth after all day Kindergarten, so it has been a pleasure this week to spend time with the creative Seth I have been missing. He made sculptures out of […]

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Spring Days at Maison Desrochers

Easter was fun, lots of candy for all. Seth is home from school all week on spring break. We are spending lots of time outside because of the lovely sunny spring weather. Seth had just mastered riding a bike without training wheels in October, so he is sharpening his skills […]

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